Tasting Room


Tasting Room


Our Tasting Room is located in “Old Town” Cottonwood, Arizona

1010 N. Main Street

Welcome to Fire Mountain Wines!  We have worked hard to craft our wines to be both approachable and worthy of attention. The colors, aromas, and taste are a balance of the art and science of wine making.  Fire Mountain Wines are created with passion respecting heritage, the earth, and the sun. The time it takes for the fruit to grow to perfection and the commitment to nurturing the vintages is our gift to you; the lovers of wine!

In our Tasting Room we have created a space where we can share our exceptional wines with you while you enjoy your time away from the noises of daily life.  Our passion continues well beyond the winemaking into the comfort of our wine tasting room located in “Old Town” Cottonwood, Arizona.  It has been designed and created so that you, the Wine Lovers, can experience the wines we make in an ambiance that is warm and welcoming, yet unobtrusive.  Our tasting room is designed to make sure that nothing gets in the way of your encounter with our vintages.

We would love to be the host of your wine experience in Arizona’s Verde Valley and we always have someone here who can share the art of wine making and passion for our wines. We invite you to come in and share with us!  Cheers!