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Wine Tasting Etiquette

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Are you new to wine-tasting? Arizona is jam-packed with wine and food tasting opportunities. If you haven’t been wine tasting, we have a few tips that will make your experience more enjoyable.

  1. Don’t wear Cologne or Perfume. It seems obvious, but scents can ruin the tasting experience for everyone within nose-shot. Also avoid smoking if possible as non-smokers tend to have a much stronger sense of smell and it will likely offend the taster next to you.
  2. Tasting rooms can be really small, so make room. Everyone wants to get a taste, so don’t let your group hold the wine server hostage. Share the space so everyone can get a taste!
  3. Start with a fresh palate. Crackers or bread right before will help do so.
  4. Pace yourself. It’s smart to have something in your stomach before a tasting. Alcohol is absorbed slower when absorbed by a full stomach, allowing you to take your time and enjoy the wine without being overly intoxicated. Keep your body fueled and hydrated – water and food are wine tasting essentials. Remember, 5 tastes = one glass of wine. 5 glasses equal a bottle. Everything in moderation.
  5. Gum and breath mints alter the taste of wine. Avoid using them when attending a wine tasting.
  6. Go ahead and swallow. You don’t have to spit. It’s okay to drink a little and have some fun.
  7. But spit if you’re visiting a lot of tasting rooms, moderate your intake.
  8. Do buy wine.Wineries hope that once you have tasted their wines, you will want to purchase bottles of their wine. Support these hard working, local wineries by purchasing a bottle (or more) of your favorite!
  9. But don’t haggle. It’s not a car deal. It’s just wine.
  10. Tips? Depends. If you went to a winery and enjoyed the wine tasting experience, it is perfectly acceptable to leave a tip for the wine pourer.

These are the rules of the wine road. Pace yourself. Wine tasting is your unique opportunity to taste and learn about the wines and then buy the ones you’ve enjoyed.


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